Visiting Thailand

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Viewtalay - Jomtien - Pattaya

Discover Thailand with Pattaya as a base is quite possible, the bus lines serve all regions.
The U-tapao airport, 30 km from Pattaya, serves a number of cities and is expanding.

In the pages above is a summary for trips from Pattaya 1 to 3 days. But know that it is possible if you have a little more time to visit other treasures of the Thai culture and discover the breathtaking surroundings.

Among the most interesting sights you:

Sukhothaïmeaning "Dawn of Happiness", was the first Thai kingdom since 1238. The end of that Kingdom came in 1365, when it was reduced to a vassal state of Ayutthaya, a new kingdom emerging South, which became are to turn the capital for four centuries, until 1782, before Bangkok.

Sukhothai is one of the most important historical sites in Southeast Asia.
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Chiang Mai is known as the ?? "Rose of the North" with its wonderful position near the Ping River, the city and its surroundings have an amazing natural beauty and unique cultural identity.

Chiang Mai also continues its renowned tradition of craftsmanship, Chiang Mai produces silver objects, wood, ceramics among many other things that make the city the main destination for buying handicrafts throughout the country .

Beyond the city, the province Chiang Mai offers the most scenic landscapes of the Kingdom. The fertile valley leading Ping River, is a rice patchwork, surrounded by rolling hills, and the entire province is composed of forested mountains (including the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon), jungles and rivers.

It is therefore the ideal ground for a journey full of adventures, during a trekking on an elephant, a river rafting, or all-terrain vehicle safari to coe ur of nature ?? .
The discovery of the traditional villages and inhabitants constitute regional tribes distinguished by their colorful tribal kept and their lifestyles virtually untouched by the modern world presence, adds to the charm of the landscape.
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The temples of Angkor in Cambodia, we do not, are located 450 km from Pattaya, accessible by car or plane.
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Do not forget the islands, Koh Chang, Kho Samui, Kho Samet, the south with Krabi, Phuket, the I-san east and many other locations, there is plenty of choice.

More information about Thailand on the website of the tourist office Thai