Visiting Ayutthaya

Long term rental
Viewtalay - Jomtien - Pattaya

From Pattaya, you can rent a car (with or without driver) and visit the various temples and museums.
Another possibility to get to Ayutthaya, take the bus to the bus station to Pattaya Nua (North Pattaya) towards the bus station in Bangkok Mochit (north of Bangkok) and then the bus Mochit in Ayutthaya, city arrival to take a tuk tuk for the day, it will take you to different places to visit.

The historic city of Ayutthaya, designated at the time under the name of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand for 417 years and today remains one of the main attractions of the country. Many monuments and vestiges of the era can be visited in this city founded in 1350 by King Uthong when Thailand had to migrate south under pressure from their northern neighbors.

During the period when Ayutthaya was capital, 33 kings and several dynasties succeeded until the glittering city, sacked by the Burmese in 1767, is crumbling and abandoned.

In recognition of its historical and cultural importance of the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park where the ruins near the present city are located, has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1991.

Between Ayutthaya and Bangkok is Bang Pa-In.
The Palace is located 18 km south of Ayutthaya.
Originally, Bang Pa-In was a river island. King Prasat Thong (1630-1655) had a palace built on a lake in the middle of the island to serve as a royal refuge. This place was once used by each sovereign Ayutthaya. However, when the capital moved to Bangkok, the palace remained unused for 80 years. King Rama IV (1851-1868) revived the area by building a house. His son, Rama V (1868-1910) deeply loved this place, staying there every year. There he built the splendid ensemble that can be visited today.

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